Sunday, 15 August 2010

A Talented Personality, Utt

I met Utt few years back at MTV Music Awards in Genting. He is such a nice and friendly guy. I managed to do an email interview with him few months back. I did not release the article because I hardly find time to post it. Now, I have my blog, LoveZavier. It would be a great platform for me to express my thoughts and ideas here. Hope you guys keep continue to support me! Cheers

1) How and when you start your career in this entertainment industry? 
I started in 1993 in Thailand I started with modeling doing prints and gradually was seen on TVC's (Commercials) then slowly crossed over to TV acting in dramas and eventually hosting on TV. 

2) What were you doing before you became MTV VJ? 
I was hosting prior to joining MTV approximately for 6 years. Also acting in several dramas in Thailand. 

3) What are the obstacles and challenges that you encountered? 
Perseverance there are ups and downs, you need to be focus and diligent in your work. Respecting the people you work with.. 

4) What you have learnt through the mistakes and challenges? 
Definitely I've learned a lot through my mistakes and there have been many challenges. Challenges include constantly being able to execute and perform as a host and an actor, having a responsibility being in the public's eye. I'm conscious about being respectful to the people I work with and how I conduct myself. Working for an international branding such as Mtv includes being a role model. 

5) Please share with us your sweet, most memorable and bad experiences that you had. 
Sweet experiences is traveling, my best memory's working with Mtv is traveling to places like Japan, Mongolia and New York. I get to travel and work and enjoy what I do while I'm at it so its very nice.

Worst experiences are usually work related in places I'm not familiar with, I was the main host for the Mtv Mandarin Music Honors. I had a bad experience because I was schedule to have 2 days free in between the work. The lady who was co-ordinating schedules in Beijing was new and little to my knowledge she was trying to suck up to the network bosses by keeping me on standby at the rehearsals. I ended up waiting and not doing anything, it was already too late when I found out. Eventually someone from the MtvAsia Singapore office got me out of the situation. But I missed visiting the Great Wall. 

6) What you want to achieve in life? What is your dream? 
I want to achieve simple happiness I'm living my dream! I have a dream job I get to travel, meet people, and have fun. I do own a small artiste management I have a healthy family great friends and good people working for me. I probably would want to be able to sustain enough finance to take care of my parents and secure a good future. 

7) What are your principles or philosophies in life? 
To have principle and ethics in what I do I practice this in my business and how I work. Respect the people you work with and they will respect you. It's easy to get caught up in the fame you'll get lost in the process if you're not grounded. Always remember your roots. 

8) Any advice to the young people that would like to involve in the entertainment industry? 
Respect seems to be the recurring theme or word I'm using in this interview ;) The new generation is very savvy because we live in the digital age. Information is very accessible but what's lost is identity originality and creativity. I would recommend to read, spend time away from the computer find your own self by creating more time have more perspective. 

9) What you want to achieve in 2010? 
I hope to achieve peace which means divide more free time for myself as the past years has been focus only on work. So more time to read go out and skate and travel on my own and not just for work! 

10) Let's talk about fashion, what fashion means to you? 
Fashion represents who you are it describes a person.

11) What fashion brands you like? Why? 
Macbeth Obey Nike Dior Ferragamo Gucci TopShop to name a few Why? Because they sponsor me! Depending on the events and occasions I usually incorporate different brands with my own clothes. I don't have a preference of Brands but I have a preference where I shop. Its usually Japan and Hong Kong, the fitting for men Asian Men is better in those countries. And the accessories in Japan are great from scarf's to belts, hats. I'm not a big dresser I'm usually very chill-laxed. Shorts and a tee but if its for shoots or events I put more effort into it. 

12) What sort of lifestyle you prefer? Busy? Laid-back?  
I'm finding a means to balance the two this year. 

13) Any places that you wish/like to travel? Why? 
Egypt I want to see the pyramids, I want to go trekking in Europe. And do a cross country in the U.S. and Japan. 

14) How you release your stress? Also, how you see the stress? 
I play sports I drink milk and I walk my dog. I feel the stress if I'm flustered I'm stress.

*pictures courtesy of Eugene Yap & Xavier Mah

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