Friday, 10 September 2010

Cord Blood Stem Cell?

Discover Stem Cells with CellSafe & Amber Chia Press Workshop

Amber with her lovely smile
Before I took up this PR project, I have absolutely no idea what stem cell is all about and what are the advantages of preserving the stem cells. After some studies from the internet, I understand how amazing of this stem cell in the medical world.
The press were so FOCUS

CellSafe International Group, CellSafe took initiative to organize a press workshop with the theme “Discover Stem Cells with CellSafe and Amber Chia” at Sentidos Village, Starhill on last Wednesday, 8 September 2010.
Although there were some hiccups before the event, but I managed to handle the issue calmly and professionally. I have to thank all the media friends' support and understanding. You guys are great!

Amber, I am solute you though! You are so so...hyperactive. She is undeniably a hardworking and gorgeous celebrity-mummy. Sometimes I think she forgot she has a baby. You know why? She still walks very fast with this 9-month baby yeah! Amazing!

Let's find out more about the workshop!

From this workshop, the press had the opportunity to know more about cord blood stem cell and the evolution in the medical line. Well, storing your baby's cord blood may offers your family future medical options.

“Stem Cell research opens up a new front in medical treatment which has great potential. Millions of people around the world suffer from incurable diseases. Stem cell research by the global medico-scientific community is finding some breakthroughs in stem cell therapies to treat illnesses which were not possible by conventional surgical cum drug methods,” commented by the marketing director of CellSafe, Mr Lau Kin Wai.
Autograph ceremony
From left to right- Lau Kin Wai, Amber Chia and Kelly Fung

Amber Chia, who has been announced as the spokesperson of CellSafe to promote the awareness of cord blood stem cell preservation, said, “I believe this is the best gift to my child. The traditional method of harvesting stem cells from bone marrow is difficult compared to simple procedure of harvesting and preserving stem cells from cord blood at a baby’s birth. The cord blood stem cells can be preserved for a long duration and it can be potentially be used by the donor or, even a family member.”
Preserving stem cell is a bio-insurance for your entire family!

CellSafe is one of the main organizers for this coming Moms and Kids Expo at Danga City Mall, Johor Bahru from 17th to 19th September 2010. Amber Chia will be the guest of honour of the official launch of the expo on 18th September 2010 at 12pm. Well, you will get the chance to see how active of Amber with her big 'stomach'! Haha...

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