Saturday, 11 September 2010

Let's out...

Let's out with two beautiful girls, Belinda Chee and Chermaine Poo!

Thanks Rabiatul Adawiyah from Mingguan Malaysia for arranging this PR initiative and photoshoot.

Bel at Wedding Dinner
Belinda Chee and Chermaine Poo are my good and supportive friends since I was at In fact, we have built up a trust and good relationship.

I would like to talk about Belinda Chee, in short Bel in this blog. These are some updates about Bel. She has been appointed as the first local OSIM's Ukimono ambassador. Also, she is the Olay White Radiance Ambassador. This bubbly personality, energetic and multi-talented celebrity engaged with Joe last year. I met her hubby twice. Well, he is a nice and easy-going person! Belinda, I am happy for you!

Bel with her hubby,Joe
Bel in pose
Oh yeah, she told me that she has a high forehead. I guess this high forehead signifies intellectual. It brings lots of lucks and fortunes. Who knows? Recently, many friends of mine mentioned to me hat Bel is more gorgeous and prettier now! I do agree with them. Not brotox, not medicine! Friends, these are not effective ways to keep you younger. I have a good solution for you. It is very simple yet a challenging task for anyone here. You need to get someone to love you sincerely and think positively. Bel has a good hubby and she has always been a positive thinker. This is the power of love!

I understand it's not easy to find a true love. Good luck to myself and all of you who are still single! Haha...=P

Pictures courtesy of Mingguan Malaysia, Xavier Mah & Belinda Chee


  1. 幸福到……笑到见牙不见眼了。哈哈!

  2. Just stumbled upon ur blog!

    I hardly know any malaysian fashion writers, so it's nice to hear about fellow local fashion bloggers out there!

    Drop by my blog anytime ;)

  3. Xavier very nice photos of you! use on ur FB profile!!! phewit