Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Hair Affair

Courtesy of Winnie Loo, the Founder and Chief Creative Director of the premier and leading hairstyling salon and academy, A Cut Above, I was extended an invitation to Annual Gala Night by Malaysian Hairdressing Association (MHA) and Interexpo. This year gala dinner was held at Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur.
CHEERS- Outfit by Danjyo & Hiyoji (An Indonesia fashion brand)

This was the 3rd time I attended the gala dinner by MHA. The moment I reached the hotel, I spotted my ex-colleague, Cindy Chan. I personally like her hair colour. I guess I should try it out one day!
with Cindy Chan from A Cut Above
I even met up a f]Facebook friend, Jacqueline Chang at the gala. We have been communicating on Facebook for several times, but we never had the chance to meet up. This is the main objective of the gala where to get together all hairdressers, salons owner, traders and distributors from different corner in Malaysia.
with Jacqueline Chang. She is so cute!

I hung out for a while walking around and chatting with some familiar faces when I bumped into my ex-boss, Winnie Loo. She was slightly late to the event as she just came back from New York. Please correct me if I am wrong, every hair designer dreams to do hairstyling for New York Fashion Week simply because NYFW is the most glamorous and talk-about fashion event in the world. Winnie's dream came true as she did hairstyling for this year NYFW. Frankly speaking, I am really solute her as she has so much energy! Also, she is a hair designer who never give up in learning and improving herself. If I am not mistaken, she is in London now!
Angel Wong, X & Winnie Loo

Mr Billy Lim, the President of MHA commented, “The Gala Dinner shows appreciation and provides a platform to our hair-designers to show our Malaysian Hair Collection”.
with Billy Lim, the President of MHA

The emcee of the night was Angel Wong. At the event, I witnessed an extravaganza and creative hair show with the theme, "Hair Malaysia 2010 One-Malaysia Fantasy". If you miss the show, I am going to share with you the the fiery showdown of eccentric hairdos of the century.

Look at her Twin Tower! Wow

This is so DRAMA!

bewildering look

The peacock lady? I am wondering how could this peacock lady represents 1 Malaysia. Erm..

Anyone can tell me what's on her head?

If you are looking for a change, perhaps you can take this as your reference. 2011 hair trend emphasizes on the naturalness and hairstyles which are easy to manage. The colouring trend is more on warm colours, such as red, orange, copper and etc matches with the skin colour. Nased on hair trend guideline, hair designers free to create their own hairstyles which suits the face shape, hair nature, personality and occupation of each individual.

Female (Long)
2011 long hair trend can be straight hair or curly hair. Straight hair should be smooth and easy to manage, with or without fringe. Curly hair should be big-waves curls, so that it looks natural and gentle. Both may use low graduation cut so that the hair looks heavier and healthier.

Female (Medium)
Medium hairstyle can be go for high graduation cut so that the hairstyle looks more stylish and chic, but it should not be frizzy. The hair tips area should be heavier.

Female (Short)
Short hairstyle lady can try pixie haircut or Bob haircut. Pixie haircut is very short and layered haircut includes longer hairin the back or at the sides of the head. Bob haircut is typically cut straight around the head so that it looks a bit puffy, can be low graduation to high graduation haircut. Together with asymmetrical fringe, it looks more cute and chic.

Male (Short)
Man normally keeps short hair. Spike hair is a good chocie, either to front or backwards. Stylist will use high graduation haircut or inner weaving to make the hairstyle looks lighter and stylish.





To you who are reading this article, please take note that this is just a guideline and reference. Kindly seek for advice from your hair consultant!

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Raynor, thanks for the pictures!


  1. All the hairdo so dramatic.. and probably weight around 3-5kg.. so heavyyy..

  2. I like the hairstyle of the "short-female" ^^
    Btw your OOTD is nice !