Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Slice of Heaven

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You may disagree my thoughts or philosophies. My objective of creating this blog neither to express my unsatisfactory nor debating over an issue. What I want to achieve is to share my little stories to inspire anyone of you here who are reading my blog now.

I personally like to eat cake very much. To me, most importantly the cake isn't creamy or full with preservatives. I hate creamy cake! Yiak...

So cute right?

You may order this for your wedding!

A high heel cake?

I was told by my senior, Gary Wong that there is a unique cake boutique offers varieties of cakes and the taste is ORIGINAL. At that time, I was looking for a topic to feature in my column. Without any hesitation, I followed him to this cake boutique at Bangsar Shopping Centre. The name of this cake boutique is Just Heavenly.

I remember I bought a piece of cake from this boutique for ex-boss, Winnie Loo as a small birthday gift. I did not ask what's the name of this boutique or extra for myself simply because I was rushing at that time. 

I was warm welcomed by the owner of this cake boutique, Nigel Skelchy. He is such a friendy and down-to-earth person! After that, he brought us couples of cakes to taste. Honestly speaking, the taste is awesome and original. You even can feel their sincerity and love by eating the cake. I was excited and started to ask him about how he came out the idea of this cake boutique and the cake selections.

From left to right: Gary, Nigel & X

From left to right: Gary, Nigel & X at Just Heavenly @ BSC

Nigel started to share his touching and loving story with me. He met Allan in an orchestra before they started the business. Allan is a guy who is very passionate in baking. In December 2000, Allan and Nigel felt that there was a dearth of cakes and desserts in the market that were really delicious and beautiful all at once. There were home bakers who made very good offerings but their presentation always left a little to be desired. Then there were the commercial bakers which offered very 'pretty' things but did not have that flavour and texture that they knew they could make. So they wanted to establish a principal centred business which served a hitherto untapped, educated market as well as educating a younger generation of Malaysians about the possibilities of good cakes and desserts.


Go green!

Allan briefing the staffs
Nothing is easy. When they started the business, they faced a lot of obstacles. They had even experienced baking 16kg cakes per day. Can you imagine how passionate they are in the business? Many people fail to take action because they are afraid to fail. Successful people like Alan and Nigel, on the other hand, realize that failure is an important part of the learning and improving their business process. They know that failure is just a way they learn by trial and error. The more mistake they have done, the more expert they are in the bakery. William E.Gladstone, former prime minister of Great Britain said, “ No man ever became great or good except through many and great mistakes”. Well, Allan and Nigel are an good example. 


Just Heavenly
They kept costs down and overheads down and built the business on the back of word of mouth and personal introductions. Their network expanded and repeat orders were the norm. They still build the business like that today using social media networks, personal networking, cobranding, and personal demonstrations.
From left to right: Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Ivy Josiah, Nigel and Alla

In order to grow the business, they understand the need of listening to their customers' feedback. Like what Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, Coauthors of The One Minute Manager said, “Feedback is he breakfast of the champions”. 
A special gift for your GF

golf cake
Red Velvet, my favourite!

To establish a vehicle to work from, a Company was formed on 26th September, 2001 by Allan Yap and Nigel Skelchy as the original shareholders and directors.They operated from a corner single-storey residential premise in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur from 2001 and they later moved to a double storey bungalow nearby in April 2006 where the bigger space allow the Company to cater to the need of an expansion of the kitchen and the increase in staff numbers.

At that point, Ann Lee joined the company as our third partner in charge of Wedding Planning and
events which has evolved into an operational role in charge of the stores.

From left to right: Nigel, Pn Nur Abdullah, Ann lee, Mdm Wong, Ms Teh Siew Bee and Allan
Adrian Loh, Chavy Goh, Gary Wong, Nigel Skelchy, Allan Yap &Steve Wee

They had always supplied cakes to cafes & bistros, making it part of our income stream. Restaurants and cafes like La Bodega, EspressamenteIlly, Citrus Café, Pacific Cup Coffee (Pavilion KL, Puchong Boulevard and Farenheit 88), Harrods KLCC, Opus Bistro, Noel Gifts and Hampers are part of our regular clientele.Just Heavenly is the ATELIER/DESIGN house and the holding company.

I bet you like it so much!

Just Heavely opened the first retail outlet at Epicure Centre, Damansara Heights on 21st May, 2007. The second retail outlet was set up at Jaya One (Jaya One) Shopping Centre on 5th June, 2009 , followed closely by the third outlet at Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) on 25th November, 2009. A Slice of Heaven Pavilion KL is our fourth outlet. They were launching this outlet in conjuction with The Pixel Project and Women’s Aid Organisation and the Paint It Purple Initiative.

Official Launch of Slice of Heaven at Pavilion

This launch is special for them as they feel they have taken the next big step to serve people in Kuala Lumpur city centre and all points to Ampang. They were always a Bangsar, Petaling Jaya, Damansara concern until now and we feel that our reach is now such that they can share what the do with our City Centre friends.

If you want to know about Just Heavenly, please log on www,justheavenly.biz

Allan, Nigel & Ann, congratulations and all the best to you! 



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