Sunday, 28 November 2010

I love Lanvin for H&M Collection

The launch of Lanvin for H&M collection is indeed overwhelming and have transformed the dream of fashion to a wide range of audience. 

Before I elaborate the collection, let's have a look with its promo video.

Their campaign shoot is really awesome. I simply like their concept and the way they present the collection. 

Lanvin for H&M

The old lady who is standing in the middle is stunning!


With separate collections of womenswear and menswear, Alber Elbaz, artistic director of Lanvin, has created clothing of extraordinary ambition for H&M, bringing the influences of the house to make every single piece identifiably the work of Lanvin.

For women there are dresses of breathtaking cut and joyful colour, as well as pieces full of Parisian glamour and accessories with playful joie de vivre. For men, it’s a whole new wardrobe of covetable updated classics, with tuxedos made for daywear and jogging pants adding a whole new sporting twist.

Each dress in the Lanvin women’s collection for H&M is of such unique design that it has to be observed on its own. Lanvin clashes a riot of oversize floral prints in a mini-dress where the energy of the pattern is matched in its cut and gathers. 

A one-shoulder dress in purple or hot pink has a delicate puff sleeve, a silk dress in navy or purple has ruffle sleeves a raw-cut neckline and the all-important grosgrain ribbon at the waist. A ballerina dress has three tiers and many, many layers of extravagant red tulle.

The menswear collection, from Lanvin’s men’s designer Lucas Ossendrijver, brings together traditional styles with 21st century needs to create a wardrobe of covetable pieces. The tuxedo is a daywear staple, especially with it’s relaxed cut and worn with matching tailored jogging pants with a trim. 

There are tuxedo trousers for daywear too, complete with cummerbund ruching at the waist, and shirts have a bib front or pin-tuck detailing to follow the night-to-day theme. There’s a double-breasted coat and trench, and the accessories really shine with metallic coloured shoes and sequinned ties. For the perfect Lanvin look, there are oversized bow-ties in a variety of colours, encapsulating the collection’s true charm.

On November 18th, Sofia Coppola, Andie MacDowell, Emma Roberts, Leelee Sobieski, Anna Sui, Tory Burch and Alexander Wang, among other guests came out to celebrate the collaboration of the Lanvin for H&M collection and to enjoy show stopping designs by famed Lanvin artistic director, Alber Elbaz, at The Pierre hotel. The haute couture creations, which were customized pieces from the Lanvin for H&M collection, made their way down the catwalk with the help of famed models Asia Chow, Pixie Geldof, Dree Hemingway, Olga and Anna Dello Russo. Check out the video!

Celebrities from Hong Kong who were spotted in Lanvin for H&M are:-

Louis Koo

Michele Reis

Sammi Cheng

Hilary Tsui



Lanvin for H&M

 今年,两家时尚巨头,H&MLANVIN ,就决定携手合作,要向大众诠释奢华的精髓,让社会上每一个人都可以实现奢华梦,特意的打造出独一无二的LANVIN for H&M 的独家系列服饰。

Lanvin for H&M

 H&MLanvin两家公司携手合震惊的了整个时尚圈。毕竟这两家公司无论是走的风格,或者路线都大不相同。前者是偏向大众化,而Lanvin 走得路线却是法国奢华风。但两者唯一相同的是,这两家公司都秉持着为世界上热爱时尚的男女提供最新潮,最夯的服饰。就是因为这个理念,两家风格迥异的公司,决定一起携手合作,打造了这一系列独一无二的服饰。

负责操刀的设计师有LANVIN的艺术总监Alber ElbazLucas Ossendrijver等人。01Alber Elbaz加入Lanvin担任艺术总监,就为Jeanne Lanvin这个法国品牌带来了许多创意和革新。过去的十年里,Alber Elbaz可以说一直都在引领时尚界的发展潮流。在他的巧手设计之下,丝带、蝴蝶结、珍珠、华丽色彩和金属装饰等,都成为时尚的经典元素。

这一次,Lanvin艺术总监Alber ElbazLanvin的很多标志性元素融入在女装系列的每一款设计里头,使到LANVIN for H&M 的独家系列服饰,有着Lanvin专属的奢华风潮。在女装连衣裙里头,Lanvin 大量的使用了的夸张的花卉图案,和鲜艳夺目的色彩,在加上裁剪,每一款的设计都带有巴黎的韵味。


在男装方面,则由Lucas Ossendrijver 来设计。一整套经典服饰系列,结合了传统与现代的元素,成功地迸发出全新的设计感。Lucas Ossendrijver将一款正式的礼服,巧妙地融入休闲元素,搭配运动裤,成功地营造出,既时尚,又带有运动风格的服饰。


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Pictures courtesy of H&M

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Jay Park Fans Meet Tour Live in Malaysia

                    Jay Park Fans Meet Tour Live in Malaysia

If you are a Korean artist's follower, I bet you came accross with this big name, Park Jaebeom. Park Jaebeom, also known as Jay Park, is an American b-boy, dancer, songwriter, rapper, and actor. He is a former member and leader of South Korean boyband 2PM and is part of Seattle-based b-boy crew Art of Movement. Surprising to know that, he is just 23 years old

Cheerful & Energetic

I am extremely excited that I am given an opportunity to host the Jay Park Fans Meet Tour Live in Malaysia Press Conference and as well as the Hi-5 Meet in KL. Thanks to Absolutely Pop Resources management!

Let's support Jay!

With his playful, energetic and popular image, Jay Park becomes a talk-about Korean artist in the industry. Jay Park is now a solo artist and his version of “Nothin' on You” on YouTube has garnered millions of views (5,782,598 views, 2pm, 14 November 2010) around the world. As July 13th has just hit Korea, Jay released a special video on Youtube with the comment,

“hey guys just a little thing i did for the song~ hope you guys enjoy =)
sorry i can’t type Korea on this computer =( mi ahn.”

You may check his official website at

I simply love this song,Nothin' on You 

Can't Take My Eyes Off of You by Jay Park

Don't you think he is cool? He is a hot hot hot guy! Check this picture out! 

Jay in sport wear

Look at his abs!

Jay Park Fans Meet Tour Live Meet is on 4th December 2010 (Saturday) which will be held at Plenary Hall, PICC at 2pm. The Hi-5 Meet in KL will be on 5th December 2010 (Sunday). The venue will be announced soon! I will be keep you posted on the Hi-5 Meet in KL here! 

Below is the Jay Park Fans Meet Tour Live in Malaysia's package details,

Absolute VIP Package (RM600) [Numbered Seat]
1. Absolute VIP ticket.
2. Jay Park Original Poster with autograph (Personally given by Jay Park)
3. Single photo with Jay Park.
4. The Nearest to the stage with best view
5. Chance to go on stage during interacting session with Jay Park
6. VIP on the day ‘Hi-5’ with Jay Park ( Sunday )
7. Limited Edition Jaywalkers’ Packet

Addicted VIP Package (RM480) [Numbered Seat]
1. Addicted VIP ticket.
2. Jay Park Original Poster with autograph (Personally given by Jay Park)
3. Group photo with Jay Park.
4. The Nearest to the stage with best view
5. Chance to go on stage during interacting session with Jay Park
6. VIP on the day ‘Hi-5’ with Jay Park ( Sunday )
7. Limited Edition Jaywalkers’ Packet

VIP Package (RM360) [Numbered Seat]
1. VIP ticket.
2. Jay Park Original Poster with autograph (Personally given by Jay Park)
3. The Nearest to the stage with best view after Addicted VIP package.
4. Chance to go on stage during interacting session with Jay Park
5. VIP on the day ‘Hi-5’ with Jay Park ( Sunday )
6. Limited edition Jaywalkers’ Packet

Addicted A Package (RM260) [Numbered Seat]
1.Addicted A ticket
2.Jay Park Original Poster
3. The best view after VIP package.
4. Chance to be VIP on the ‘Hi-5’ with Jay Park ( Sunday )
*based on quota availability for Addicted A & B package
5. Chance to upgrade for VIP Package for lucky Fans.
6. Limited Edition Jaywalkers’ Packet

Addicted B Package (RM220) [ Free Seating]
1. Addicted B ticket.
2. Jay Park Original Poster
3. Second best view after Addicted A package.
4. Chance to be VIP on the ‘Hi-5’’ with Jay Park ( Sunday )
*based on quota availability for Addicted A & B package
5. Chance to upgrade for VIP Package for lucky Fans.
6. Limited Edition Jaywalkers’ Packet

Basic Package (RM160) [Free Seating]
1. Seat ticket
2. Jay Park Original Poster
3. Limited Edition Jaywalkers’ Packet ( based on availability ) 

What are you waiting for?
Go and grab a ticket to witness his talents now!  

You may call to +603 6204 5626 or SMS to +6017 395 6300 or email to to know more details. 

Operating hours is from Monday till Friday, 9am to 5pm. 

You can also log on their website or join their FB at Absolutely Pop Resources.

I will be conducting a personal interview with him during his visit in KL. Guys, you may post your questions or anything you want to know here. 

Stay tuned for more details!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A make-up brand which women should not be deprived off!

Courtesy of Winnie Loo, the Founder and Chief Creative Director of the premier and leading hairstyling salon and academy, A Cut Above, I was extended an invitation to the Launch of Max Factor & False Lash Effect Mascara. This grand event was held at Luna Bar, Menara Panglobal. 

Luna Bar, Menara Panglobal

The event was started a bit late as it was raining cats and dogs. Anyway, everyone was seem enjoyed themselves at the event. I managed to catch-up with friends, there were Michael Andreas, Hafiz aka Anak Emak, Dennis Lau, Kak Intan, Edmund, Joanne Lau, Datin Maylene, Iring, Chermaine Poo, ex boss, Richard Teo and etc. Well, it is always nice to meet up with friends at the event.  

(L-R) Winnie Loo, Mizz Nina, Fabio Stefani, Julia Wong, Noe Saglio, Melissa Indot, Jay Menon
my lovely friend, Belinda Chee

The name Max Factor has become synonymous with beauty and fashion to millions of women in all parts of the world. Since its official founding in 1909, Max Factor has developed countless make-up innovations and in fact coined the word “make-up”. The man himself, Mr Max Factor, designed the looks of the Hollywood stars of the day such as Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Rita Hayworth and Katherine Hepburn.

Max Factor projection on KL Tower

Well, it's important for us to know the history of the brand and understand how the brand evolves.

1909 Max Factor business is officially founded.

1916 Max Factor was a pioneer in the invention of early eye make-up including “Eye Shadow” and “ Eyebrow Pencil” available to women everywhere as a general beauty product.

1919 Max Factor coined the term “make-up”

1930 Max Factor invented lip gloss

1937 Max Factor invented Pan-Cake Make-up, which became the dominant motion pictue make- up, and was introduced less than a year later to all women everywhere as a beaitu aid

1947 Max Factor developed Pan-Stik Make-up, the first cream-based make-up in stick form that could applied completely and perfectly in less than 20 seconds

1954 Max Factor introduced “Erace” cover-up

1958 Max Factor introduced the first mascara wand that colours, coats and separates lashes with one stroke

1961 Max Factor introduced the first matte, so shine lipsticks witj a creamy feel

2001 Max Factor introduced Lipfinity, the first food-proof, long-wearing lipcolor

2006 Legendary Pat McGrath, the Global Creative Design Director of P&G, joins as the artistic force behind the new Max Factor in helping to create a new product line inspired by looks straight off the runway

2006 Max Factor introduces a revamped line-up of electrifying products and palettes, which includes MAXeye Collection, Lash Perfection Mascara and Colour Perfection Luxe Gloss

2008 Max Factor was launched in Hong Kong and China

2010 Max Factor was launched in Malaysia- the 75th market worldwide.

After knowing the history and stories of Max Factor, let's have a chat with this superwoman who was the selected make-up artist for Max Factor, Winnie Loo.

Xavier, Julia Wong & Winnie Loo

Winnie, congrats to you! Thanks for the informative answers!
X: Xavier Mah
W: Winnie Loo

X: Winnie, what beauty means to you?
W: To me beauty is not about the clothes you wear, not the car you drive or the house you live in. Such maybe termed as beautiful life but beauty to me can be many things, a compassionate heart full of grace, love n humility and especially what is inside of a person. Or perhaps a genuine smile n lend a hand to those in need is so beautiful. Beauty to me is what comes from within n from the heart.

Winnie Loo

X: What kind of make-up that you would recommend to ladies who are having busy-hectic lifestyle?
W: I would suggest less is more for the busy ladies on the go. A light foundation or a tinted moisturizer works wonder too. Eyeliner is a must with a touch of mascara to bring out the eyes n a nice color for the lips will make the whole look complete.

Winnie Loo doing live make-up demo on Nadine Ann Thomas

X: In general, how do you see the make-up industry in Malaysia? Are we far behind other countries?
W: Generally make up amongst Malaysians are on the rise. An average person will own a few products in their make up bag. We may be slower in getting the latest products but will never be slower in accepting make up compare with other countries as many Malaysians travel a lot n we are also influenced by many good marketing campaigns which are in our shore.
Winnie explaining Mizz Nina's vibrant glam look

X: What do you like about Max Factor? Why?
W: Max factor is a brand I knew from my early years n have always been a great product before the range exit Malaysia. It is now a brand known as Make up for Make up artists. I like their good range of foundations n ample choices of mascara n lipfinity range.
Max Factor

X: From your point of view, what are the differences between Max Factor and other make-up brands in the market?
W: My point of view will be Max Factor is own by power house Proctor & Gamble and with R&D of such cosmetic giant I am certain latest break thru will always materialize and having Pat Mcgrath as their global make up artist will have an advantage in the creative world of make-up. Max Factor has always been famous for their foundation n their mascara and will always be ahead of the game.

X: You were the selected make-up artist (brand ambassador) for Max Factor. How will you bring Max Factor to another level in Malaysia market?
W: Max Factor is a brand that is rich in history n having provided make-up artistry for women around the world since 1909.
As the selected make up artist for Max Factor, I will be involved with many ground events to engage with Max Factor users to share the latest trends n looks. I am certain with my already good forte in the hair industry I should be able to create more awareness even amongst our clients n Medias n friends n with the support of StarAsia n their Pr agency I am certain Max Factor will be soon be people's choice.
Mizz Nina in Vibrand Glam Look. Check it out her MV

X: How Max Factor helps to beautify the ladies in Malaysia?
W: With more counters rolling out in all major departmental stores and all over Malaysia, I am certain more ladies will have the opportunity To' explore and try out the range. Definitely there is a range for everyone. Especially the lip color range in Lipfinity where ladies do not have To' worry about lip color disappearing from their lips as the colors stay really well after many hours.

X: Max Factor launched its new product, False Lash Effect Mascara. Is there a major difference between putting on false lashes and applying false lash effect mascara?
W: Not many people are good in fixing eyelashes and not unless one is good in fixing it, it can be messy n tedious to fix it to look natural while with putting on FLE mascara one can easily glide the mascara on the lashes of their eyes. For those shorter natural lashes one just have to apply two more rounds to get the thicker longer look. It is always challenging to learn so why not learn to be more beautiful.

FLE Mascara

See, her answers are so professional! To those who want to be successful like Winnie, you must learn from her positive attitude towards her job. No matter where is she, she is still very down-to-earth and humble.

She always tell me this, 'Never afraid to dream big! You must tell yourself you can make it happen!'

I wish I can be like her one day. Guys, let's work hard! Even though there are people dis-encourage you, please don't give up! Do your best!

Oh yeah, I attended a fashion show few days ago. I am so sorry to say that I wasn't happy with the way of the organizer talked and acted to me. My friend, not a big deal though! Very de no humble lo! Ngo Jim Sou Ngm Dou ar! Haha...