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The Beauty Secrets, L'Erbolario

Courtesy of Phoebe Tan, the marketing manager of L’Erbolario, I was extended an invitation to the Launch of L’Erbolario at BSC.

L’Erbolario at BSC
Like I said, socializing and attending events are part of job. I do enjoy meeting up with people and learning new stuffs from the event or people around me. I hung out for a while walking around and chatting with some familiar faces when I bumped into Kenby, Camie, Tammy and Nicole. They are my great supporters! We were posing here and there like supermodel in front of the outlet to get the best shot for remembrance.=P

Kenby, X, Camie, Tammy & Nicole
The first L’Erbolario boutique opens its doors in mid November at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Congrats!

L'Erbolario with White Tea

L'Erbolario offers various products

What do you know about L’Erbolario? L’Erbolario celebrates its 30 years in natural beauty and a leading brand in Italy and loved by its followers from all over the world. The name L’Erbolario brings yo mind the ancient term “erborare”, meaning to gather herbs in the fields, in order to study their beneficial properties. With around 400 different products, there are infinite possibilities of choice and combination.

Fragrances for home

Products on shelves

Gift Set
Tha aim of brand is to create safe and effective phytocosmetic products, created with respect for nature and for mankind. Besides being an herbalist based products, the uniqueness of L’Erbolario also lies in fact that it has more than 40 perfumed ranges, and a vast choices of products for Facial Beauty, Beautiful Hair, Bio-Ecocosmetics (certified organic), Shaving & Grooming, body, hands and feet range, baby range and fragrances for home. In short, L’Erbolario offers you from top to toe beauty products. 

Look at the picture on the box. Don't you think is cute. It's for KIDS.
Hand liquid Soap

 “I have personally tried and tested the products, and fell in love with the brand before deciding to take up the distributorship. Our philosophy goes align with L’Erbolario worldwide, where customers are greeted win warmth and professionalism. Customers are guided through the boutique based on their preference of fragrances and needs. Benefits of the natural ingredients are shared amd show cards are also available on the shelves,” commented by Director of Advanced Apotheke Sdn Bhd, Miss Shireen Ng. 

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Pics courtesy of Tammy Lim. 

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Jay Park Rocks You!

Jay Fan Meet Tour Live in Malaysia

Park Jaebeom, also known as Jay Park who is a former member and leader of South Korean boyband 2PM and is part of Seattle-based b-boy crew Art of Movement had recently made a trip to Kuala Lumpur for his Fan Meet Tour Live in Malaysia on December 4th. 

Nothin' On You by Jay Park in Malaysia (Click to view the video)

A singer-dancer-songwriter-actor-rapper-b-boy, the 23 years old multi-talented boy commented, “ I get a lot of Twitter and Facebook messages from Malaysian Jaywalkers (Park’s fans) who say they support me so I have always wanted to come here and I finally got the chance. Well, thank you of having me here in Malaysia.” 

I was given a chance to host the press conference and Hi-5 Meet during his visit to Malaysia. Thanks to APR management for this great opportunity.  Also, I had the opportunity to interview him exclusively too! 

Jay at Hi-5 Meet @ Celsius, KL

X  & Jay- Good Morning everyone! 
X interviewed the fan from Korea

X interviewed the fan from Vietnam

See, so many fans!

Right now, Jay is very anxious to get his new songs out as he wants his fans to hear. To him, life has all types of obstacles. He just try to keep very positive and be good to my family, friends and fans.  “Fans have been very loyal and supportive. Anyway, be good to your friends that they are supportive to you.”

“Whatever fans do for me is so sweet. Well, they look at everything that I do. If I say I hungry, they will go buy me a snack. If I say I like mango, they go buy mango, little stuffs like that. It is very thoughtful and sweet.”

A great singer & dancer!
X with Aliza at Jay Fan Meet Tour Live in Malaysia. Aliza was the emcee of the small concert. =)

“My goal is to take care my family and help my friends out. We do what we love. Well, I am glad that I am able to help them to acheive their goals. I guess the most important thing right now is to make my fans proud of me.”

When I asked him what’s his advice to the the young people that would like to involve in the entertainment industry, he said, “Just make sure what you love to do and make sure you have a lot of passion. Also, please make sure you work very hard and have fun at the same time.

Demon by Jay Park (Click to view the video)

“I am not really a trendy person. I just wear something that I comfortable with, for instance, short pants and t shirt when I hang out. To me, fashion is something that you feel good and comfortable with.”  To be particular, Jay likes Nike shoes and he does not really pay to the brands.

“Busy lifestyle is very good right now because I am working to keep people happy and entertained and working to keep myself happy too. But sometimes I do enjoy laid-back lifestyle when I feel exhausted. When I get stress, I will travel with my friends and hanging out with my friends. It makes me to feel good.”

Guess, what was Jay doing that time?

The lucky fan got the chance to kiss his forehead! Haha...
She was excited! =P

And of course, everybody is curious about his status and his definition of an ideal girl. “ I am single and I don’t have any special preferences. As long as she has a good personality and a nice smile. Whoever catches my eye and if we get along well, that’s it,” he smiled. 

Jay loves to go to Hawai or Australia. To him, Hawai is simply beautiful and they have nice beaches and weather. For Australia, he wants to check out the wildlife because he loves animals.

Australia- Wildlife

Hawai- Nice beach & weather

When I asked him about he has said before he tries not to reply to any fans directly in ways from his official twitter, facebook and youtube account. but recently, he retweet fans' tweets plus he replied to fans' comments on FB. He commented, “ I really want to say something. Just to share my thoughts and I want to show to fans that I am reading their messages and give them something special.”

Jay with AOM

He loves Nichi Minaj because she is cute and attractive. The way she raps is very different and unique. He would loves to collaborare with Nichi Minaj, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and whoever want to collaborate with him. 
Sexy Nichi Minaj


Taylor Swift

“My mum has been very supportive in whatever I do. She is very lovely and caring. She thinks about me much more.  Her birthday is on Oct 20th and I got her a Iphone 4.”

“I am really appreciate to all Malaysia Jaywalkers. They are so supportive and thoughtful for this whole process and period. Thank you  for everything and their presence at the show”

Click this to check out the interview, Jay Fan Meet Tour Live in Malaysia Interview 

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Special thanks to CP Mok and Daniel Lai for the wonderful pictures (Jay Fan Meet Tour Live in Malaysia). 

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Tom Ford for H&M?

Lanvin for H&M is a huge success! The collection is now being embraced by many more celebrities in Hong Kong like Carina Lau, Michele Reis, Gigi Leung, Pace Wu, Hilary Tsui, Sandra Ng and Wyman Wong. 
Congratulations to H&M! 

Carina Lau, Nov 25th at an event in China

Carina Lau, Nov 26th at Swarvoski Event
Carina Lau, Nov 28th at Cartier Event

Gigi Leung, Nov 29th at GLB event

Gigi Leung, Nov 29th

Hilary Tsui, Nov 26th at Me Magazine Event

Michele Reis , Nov 28th

Pace Wu, Nov 26th  at Concert Rehearsal

Pace Wu , Nov 27th at Concert

Sandy Ng in Lanvin for H&M

Wyman Wong

After the launch of Lanvin for H&M, there are rumors saying that the next collaboration partner with H&M would be Tom Ford. Wow...I am extremely excited and I can't wait to see it! What say you? Click here to check out Tom Ford's website, Tom Ford Official Website. If this collaboration is really happen, I wish Tom can design more for male apparels as Lanvin for H&M collection is very female oriented. Don't you agree with me?

Tom Ford. He is so cool!

A creation by Tom Ford. The impact is WOW!

                                                                       so SEXY!


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