Thursday, 9 June 2011


I think today’s blog post is gonna be interesting!

This has been the talk of the town for the past few days. Irony to my usual blog entry, I thought I’d write a post on my thoughts regarding the “Obedient Wives’ Club” AKA “Kelab Taat Suami”.

After reading the piece of news, it pretty sums up that domestic problems are caused by disobedient wives.

You may read the full article thru this link, Obedient Wives Club to offer sex lessons on how to pleasure husbands

It is absurd enough that wives are always seen as an object in bed, and it is more saddening that wives should fulfill their husbands’ needs like prostitutes. The point is: is it necessary to label the ladies as prostitutes? A wife must not be compared to a prostitute; this is such a huge insult to all women, or it simply sounds inappropriate to me, at least. 

In my opinion, many, if not most, failed marriages happen due to little respect and communication between the husband and wife. Like it or not, it still remains a fact that marriage is a union of two people willingly and actively participate in sharing weal and woe together.

Well, I suppose the whole question boils down to how to prevent men from calling the prostitutes.  

How about starting a club called “Obedient Husbands’ Club”? My instincts tell me that domestic problems would be reduced if men or women were more reasonable, and that would lead to a blissful marriage. Lessons like how to love your wife/ husband genuinely, and be faithful to your wife/ husband can also be taught. To top it off, probably, the club can inculcate the wife/ husband with a sense of responsibility. 

Hmm…ever wondered how the lessons will be conducted? Will it be visualized, or taught based on books and notes? Do they get practical lessons too? *laughs* Mind me for the questions.    

But then again, if people look at it objectively, surely it will benefit the sex life of a couple. Sometimes it is due to shyness and conservatism that lead to what it is. A healthy marriage is not just about the woman serving the man well, men should also help in making their wives happy. If men have desires, so do women. People can’t just always presume that it is always the woman’s fault.

Boys and girls, what do you think of this?


  1. I think its ridiculous that the club has lots of women who are already in a polygamy marriage..duh, if u are teaching women how to save their marriage, then why the 'teachers' have failed marriages? learning from a loser, how successful can it be? what a bunch of hypocrites..they can only change others, when they themselves change..or are they encouraging polygamy? im questioning their motive, prevention of polygamy or encouraging polygamy?

  2. This club is a JOKE. While there is nothing wrong with the objective of blessing the marriage, the perspective it's being taken is an absolute insult to wives and ladies alike.

    Xavier, for a single person, you are very insightful. Marriages are built on acceptance, communication and love, not just basis of sex.

    Husbands should take the lead role in ensuring that a marriage works. It is so shallow to push the responsibility to the wives with all the alleged problems in bed.