Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My Photography, My Passion

Photography is a powerful medium, and it is also a complex art. Excellent photos do not only depict facts – they tell stories, arouse feelings and enable one to express his or her emotions when clicking the shot button.

To achieve brilliant or quality photography results, we need practice and patience. That’s why people always say practice makes perfect.

It is rare of me to share about photography in my blog. As you all know, I am not a person who is into photography. Moreover, I personally find that photography is complicated.

I came across a freelance photographer, Leonard Chua from Singapore, whom I personally find his photos are always beautifully captured and most importantly the story board of the photography is strong enough to attract my attention. One time, he mentioned that producing high quality photos requires passion and team effort.

Let’s take a look at his work.

The Mermaid
The concept arises from his younger day fantasy of beautiful mermaid along the shore line waiting for her prince charming.  The recent Pirates of the Caribbean brings back his memory of this ethereal being and he wishes to use his own view and creativity to have his own mermaid for all to view.

The Spider Man in Asia
It is another concept shoot to showcase his creativity of photography and DI. In collaborate with a keen costume player who is good in posing and merging the environment and present you the hero in Singapore's sky line.

Avant Garde Theme
The collaboration of fashion shoot with a talented local fashion designer Jen to showcase a flamboyant yet futuristic dress sense for the fashionista.