Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Inaugural Launch of Xavier Mah Consultancy Part (1)

Xavier Mah- photograph by Zung, The Photoz

July was a pretty bittersweet month, did a PR job for Pacifica at the start of it, wanted to reward myself a short trip to Hong Kong after a long time of work, and thought I should do a buka puasa party with my media friends to express my gratitude for their continuous support all this while. But all things fell through. I even had to call off my plan to a friend’s wedding in Penang at the very last minute.

Instead, I had my company launch party at BRDB Sales Gallery on July 27th.  A very big thank you to Chilla Cup for being my main sponsor of this grand opening! 

My sponsors
Before the launch, I was feeling much worn out from work; I was considering to finally taking a break to Hong Kong to unwind myself. And if you know me well, you would probably know that I always wanted to have an official launch for my company; it’s just that I never had enough time for it, or probably one of the limiting factors was the cost. So the first week of July just passed, and I decided to do it at the end of the month, meaning I had only 2 weeks to the event. While many had thought it was impossible to organize an event in such a short period of time, my drive to having the launch was not dampened by that, but rather it strengthened me to continue. 

Xavier Mah Consultancy

The launch preparation was like a real roller coaster; it was as though I had a ride on it with ups and downs in securing sponsorships, organizing the venue, planning the programme rundown, getting people to come and generally starting the event from scratch to having something remarkable. 

In Action

Busy Answering & Calling...

Throughout the preparation, my day basically started early and ended late. A typical day during the preparation period was to have meetings, meetings, meetings again and again, and again calling people from time to time, anticipating the end result 24 hours around the clock. So the days were long! Counting down the days to the event was pretty daunting when there were piles of things that have not been done.   

You guys are ROCK!

The feeling of seeing what the team and I had been preparing for the past 2 weeks and seeing everything went into place according to my plan was wonderful. I would say that from the moment the idea came in, to when it all happened that evening, nothing I expected, but unexpectedly wonderful. 

Well, despite the short period of time, it was amazing to see the result of it. And really, it really boils down to the fact that if your mind is set to do something or achieve a goal, you can have a way to it, and eventually reach it regardless of what circumstances may be.

It would not be a great success without her, my PA! =D
To be continued...

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