Monday, 20 February 2012

Genting Doraemon World 2012

The all-time favourite Doraemon came to Genting!!! Do you know what I’m talking here? Sounds familiar? Yeah, it’s the “Genting Doraemon World 2012” event! It was held at Arena of Stars, starting from 23 Jan to 5 Feb 2012 from 10.00 am till 10.00pm. For those who did not get to visit this, let me share some information and photos with you…

The combination of musical, fair, carnival and so on truly brought a pretty good experience for the young and old. Bringing the anime of Nobita, Doraemon, Suneo, Shizuka and others alive to the real world made this the talk of the town! Well, the Doraemon World 2012 was divided into four parts which included Doraemon Town, Doraemon Gallery, Doraemon Carnival and Doraemon Mall.

The main attraction of Doraemon World 2012 was displayed in the first section which is the Doraemon Town! Once you step into the Doraemon World, there was a person, like a tour guide, to bring us (around 10 persons) around the Doraemon Town. Wow, a life-sized, colorful Doraemon Town really brought an unforgettable experience; all the scenes we see in the comic series/ TV such as Nobita’s room, Doraemon coming out from desk, field where they always gather around, etc etc!!!

Nobita's house
          Take from Doraemon Town and Doraemon is saying “hi” to you!
Normal life style for Nobita’s family
                Doraemon is driving “time machine”
Shizuka is appearing on the Doraemon Town too! 

For the second part, it was the Doraemon Gallery where familiar replicas of Doraemon were displayed in which we all, if not most have seen in the colourful comic world. As what they say, “This is a MUST to visit”. The gadgets, such as “time machine”, “big light”, ‘dokodemo door” and so on, all looked very familiar.
Dokodemo Door!

After visiting the town and gallery, we moved on to the Doraemon Carnival where there were many activities going on. These included game and food booths. There was a variety of food to choose from, such as soya pudding, don don chicken rice, yoyoice, waffle, etc. Besides that, there were food stalls selling dorayaki, Doraemon’s favourite food!
The special thing about the “Dorayaki” was that it was served with ice cream in it. Not just that, it only cost RM 10!

Upon exit, there was the Doraemon Mall where visitors could purchase the official Doraemon merchandise such as Doraemon, Doraemon bottle, Doraemon t-shirt, Doraemon note book and etc. Visitors could purchase the merchandise as a lasting memory of the Genting Doraemon World 2012.

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