Sunday, 29 April 2012

House builds by WHAT?

The same question, House builds by what? Brick? Wood? NOPE!

Let’s come with something unusual! Have you ever heard about houses built by empty bottles? You will know what am I talking about after viewing all pictures showed below =D

Bottle House Built in Mexico

Amazing! Am I right? Through the pictures we can know that every each part of the house, all are made by those empty bottles! Whether it stable/safe or not? Seriously, I don’t know…but can you imagine how many bottles they need to collect and build such a big house? Here are some other pictures which are the same: “Bottle House”

Credit:  ITAR-TASS Photo Agency / Alamy
This is a house made by empty Champagne bottles, built by a Ukrainian pensioner in Zaporozhye

Credit: Bella69
Wow, this bottle house having a gorgeous metal tree inside

In architecture, reuse often plays second fiddle to recycling when it comes to the building materials. As affordable and environmentally benign ways to build become more common, more unique structures will result from the reuse of discarded materials like bottles.

These photos show us that beauty and recycling can match if there is enough imagination.

Nowadays we can do anything with any material.

There are already container houses, and now houses built with bottles, so what will it be next time? Have an idea?

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