Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Live Life to the Fullest

I’ve always been intrigued by Korea.

I think that Korea is a country which gives its meaning to the word “share”: They do so much to share their culture with other countries, to create an interest for this country, to make people want to know more about South Korea… 

I also love Korean architecture and Korean gardens, just looking pictures of them give me a peaceful feeling. I love their gardens’ harmony…sometimes, just by looking at them; ideas pop out of my mind. I hope I’ll be able to visit them one day.

As I like eating good things, I love their food: I think their food associate healthiness, taste and creativity very well. I like the way they transform basic aliments into something unbelievably creative.

Well, I really consider Korean gardens and food as ART, true ART (with a big A).

I must add that It’s amazing to too see a small country like South Korea succeed to impose a real phenomenon on the international platform: the KPOP phenomenon…I’ve heard that their concerts are often sold out few hours and sometimes few minutes after the reservations opened.

In the past South Korea experienced many difficult periods but their perseverance really demonstrates that working hard and never back down when you face hardship can lead you wherever you want.

I’m sure that Korea’s success inspired many Asian countries and showed that you’re never too small to shine on the international platform.

If you ask me why should I be selected as the one to join the Touch Korea Tour? 

First of all I can say I’m enough passionate about South Korea to join the Touch Korea Tour, I enjoy trying new experiences and I’m sure that joining that tour would be a great one. Not taking part of this uncommon adventure would be really regretful and my motto life is “Living without regrets”. 

Live Life to the Fullest

Also, participate to this tour would allow me to share my experience with people who sure are very interested in the topic.

Sharing with others is for me more than a passion; it’s a way of life. It would be great if could transfer my interest for this country to much more Malaysian people.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

I really want to see Korean architecture and gardens by myself, I really want to amaze by what I may see there, I really want to live a fantastic experience and I really want to go to a country that inspires me a lot!
I want to be able to feel this country creativity, with all my body and my entire mind.

I think there’s no single word in this world to describe how much I love this country and how much I’m passionate about it.

Joining the Touch Korea Tour would allow me not only to realize one of my dreams but also to get more inspiration to promote my country from the way Korean people achieve to promote their country.

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