Friday, 13 April 2012

New generation TV series: what a powerful marketing tool!

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Gossip Girl, Beverly Hills New Generation, Pretty Little Liars…like them or not, I’m sure you’ve ever heard about these new generation TV series. These successful series that focus on life of beautiful, young, rich and terribly fashion people have countless fans all over the world. 

The new marketing trend is to use these kinds of series to attract more and more people and hit the wanted target. Even artists now appear in these TV shows to boost their notoriety and improve/maintain their image. The appearance of Nelly, Clémence Poesy, Joe Jonas, Lou Doillon, Lady Gaga in these shows confirmed this trend.

Why are these kinds of series so successful?
Easy answer! They deal about juicy topics, they sell dreams and fashion has definitely an important position.
More than young women, many fashion addicts and fashion professionals are inspired by the way the characters dress and look these series to see the outfit they’ll wear.
More than interested in the protagonists’ life, people are rather interested in the clothes they wear!
These shows are the new stage used by designers to showcase their designs

Thanks to these series brands can hit a large audience and can also take advantage of these TV shows’ image and notoriety.
If you want make a brand trendy what’s more efficient than mentioning this brand name in a successful show?

These shows’ protagonists have made of Tiffany’s, Valentino, MOschino, Urban Outfitters, Blackberry…the brands you should possess or the shops you should go to be a true IT girl!

What is noticeable is their influence on young people.
It’s not uncommon anymore to see youngsters rushing into a boutique and ask for the exact outfit they saw in the latest episode.
Also, you can find more and more topics on the Internet or in newspapers like “How to dress like X in G.G” …
More than increasing their market shares in the TV show industry these shows aim to launch new trends!
Want to know what will be trendy this fall? Just a little glance to the next episode then you will have your answer!
But little advice, do believe in yourself and have your own style!

See you ;p

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