Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Seriously! Are They Cakes?

Found some imaginative cakes I would like to share with you. Well, I don’t really know is they’re tasty but their aspect is sure impressive!
So would you plan to eat them or you keep them? =D

Maybe some basketball fans/ players dream to have a cake like this one for their birthday, who knows…

Haha, is this a burger or cake? Confusing~

OMG! LV bag?! It must be very expensive...XD

Hmm…Which part should I start to eat? The jewelry?

Zombie Birthday Cake…

Little Toilet

Pac Man Cupcakes

Seriously, these cakes are more masterpieces than simple cakes.
Sometimes people forget that cooking is ART, I mean, just transforming basics aliments into something totally unexpected is so exciting.
I love the way people who cooked them played on: the texture, the colors; with people’s imagination… these cakes really look like something else, it’s just crazy.

Anyway, interesting cakes can make the special occasion even more special and interesting. Those special and unique designs sure help to create a sweet memory.

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