Sunday, 1 April 2012

Tattoo Fashionista

Who is SHE?

She is a super duber sexy & unique tattoo artist, named Kinki. 

Besides career, Kinki loves tattoo and  practiced as well. To her, tattoo reflects her personality and attitude.  

So Kawaii~neh! =P

Kinki became a tattoo newbie since 16 years old and now she is working as a professional tattoo artist at Bloody Ink Tattoo Studio.

Well, the tattoo has made her sexier instead of rude or any other negative impressions.

Guys, what do you think a girl with tattoo? Is it fashionable to you or you simply can’t accept a girl with tattoo?

Ladies, what about your thoughts? How far you can accept this tattoo culture? 

Every tattoo has its own uniqueness and message... The only same thing is:

“Once inked
Never been forgotten
But stay forever”

So, think twice before you do it.  =)

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