Friday, 27 April 2012

Upside Down Home!

Guys, have you ever been to a place where everything is upside down? If so, did you feel that things around you looked weird? And for those who have not tried before, there is good news for you. You don’t have to travel far to experience this (if you live in Malaysia of course...).
Let me introduce you the first “Upside Down House” in Sabah!

This “Upside Down House” is the first in South East Asia and also known as Rumah Terbalik. It was officiated on March 9, 2012. Just like the name of the house, the living room, toilet, kitchen, bedrooms and of course included the house itself are - upside down. 

Welcome to Rumah Terbalik

Unfortunately, the visitors are not allowed to take pictures inside the house; well it won’t be fun if all the secrets this house offers were revealed. If you wonder how it looks like you can always use your imagination or pay a visit.

Let me just share with you guys some of the view from outside of the house.

A car parked beside the house, which is upside down too.

The front door!

Opening hours: Daily (including public holidays) 8am-10pm
Rate:    RM10 for local with Mycard
            Students & kids (below 12) RM5
            Kids below 3 FOC

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