Tuesday, 29 May 2012

How to keep a healthy relationship with your partner?

Guys today let’s talk about love, yes L-O-V-E with a big L.
When you’re in love everything may seem wonderful, perfect, shining…a real dream far from REALITY.
 If you want to keep these blinding stars in your eyes, here is advice you could follow to keep a healthy relationship with your girl/man.
Here we go guys!

1. Stay 2

Credit: http://www.lifemartini.com/how-to-make-a-long-distance-relationship-work/

Keep your identity: you are “you”.
Do not try to absorb your partner personality; doing it will only lead you in a cannibal relationship which means that you feed yourself of your partner personality. Be independent!
Don’t try neither to convert your partner ‘s personality to yours, accept her/his difference (Well, accept only the acceptable); don’t try to transform her/him into something else.

2. Communicate with her/him
 Credit: http://www.looplane.com/relationships/how-to-communicate-effectively-with-your-partner/

If you have something to tell her/ him do it! Don’t keep everything for yourself.
 If you think there is a problem be honest with yourself and discuss over it, do not ignore the problem.
 Communication is important to avoid misunderstanding, anger and frustration.
If you see your intimate got something that trouble her/him encourage him to convers about it.

3. Have your own space

Credit: http://www.coupdepouce.com/bien-dans-ma-tete/conseils-d-amies/devrait-on-regler-une-dispute-avant-de-se-coucher/a/41640

It’s totally understandable to spend most of your time with your other part BUT do not forget you have friends, family that shouldn’t be neglected.
Many think that they have to make a choice between their lover and their family/ friends...that’s totally WRONG. Just find a ingenious way of organizing your schedule that will allow you to share time with both your friends/family and your beloved.
If you are too possessive, please make an effort. Don’t imprison the other part.

4. Maintain the desire 

Credit: http://www.psychologies.com/Couple/Vie-de-couple/Amour/Articles-et-Dossiers/Amour-vrai-5-signes-qui-ne-trompent-pas

Always find ingenious ways to preserve the desire.
You can be together for a long time now so far that’s not a reason for you two to install in a routine.
Don’t be afraid to spicy your relationship in order to cultivate your sexual desire, that’s won’t kill you.
You can use games, make love in unusual places etc…there are various methods, just be a little imaginative.

5. Have fun
Credit: http://wheninromance.com/long-distance/long-distance-relationship-break-up-tips/

Be lovers but have fun like friends!
Do not hesitate to: laugh with her/him, tease (gently of course, don’t be too much) and have funny activities with your partner.
You don’t need to be always serious; trust me having fun like kids won’t hurt.

These advice won’t guarantee that ALL your days will be perfect/wonderful/ shining, let’s be realistic - we’re not in a fairy-tale- BUT they will definitely help you to improve / maintain a good relationship with your intimate.

See you guys ;p

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  1. Thanks for being honest, these are easy steps for anyone to take into consideration. Keep up the good work!