Thursday, 28 June 2012

24hours in the life of a PR practitioner

Hey dude! Today, let’s talk about Public Relations: my job, my passion.
I’m going to share with you how my days looks like
You’ll see that Public Relations isn’t only partying and chatting. PR specialists rather have a busy schedule.
Here we go!

8.00 AM: Time to wake-up!

The early bird catches the worm.
9.00 AM:  Discover the news of the day!
As a PR specialist I’ve to be aware of my environment. So, I have to follow eagerly the news to now what occurs in Malaysia, in the world, In the PR industry. It is also important to do research on the brands.

9.30 AM to 12.PM: Let’s start to work!


The real work usually starts from 9.30AM.
I have to check my mails and reply; you’ve got no idea of the number of mails you can receive in one night!  Plus, I’ve to have a look on my Facebook (publish new post, analyse the statistics…) and on others social media tools I’m using (BlogSpot, Twitter...)
I also have to go to my first meetings; sometimes I can have days full of meetings (from 10AM to 7PM), I call these days the “Olympic days” cauz’ they just look like marathons! Sometimes I feel like I’m Usain Bolt HAHAHA!
My current projects/tasks also need to be treated; they can be of different kind: leading marketing campaign for a client, organizing product introduction, organizing inauguration, sending post releases to media, organizing press conference, going for an interview, organizing bloggers meetings…

6.30 PM Official end of the working day but not for me!

Officially I’m supposed to finish at 6.30 PM but truth is that it’s impossible.
I usually have to attend various events (I said EVENT not PARTY lol) in the evening to meet actual or potential clients.
Events are a good opportunity not only to do prospection/ research but also to meet potential clients.
So don’t think PR events are something like “Saturday night fever”.
Well when I’m not attending an event, I dedicate my evenings to think about: new strategies to increase Xavier Mah Consultancy visibility, strategies for clients…
Well, I can’t tell you when finish my working day, because I don’t know it in advance.
Oh, even if it didn’t appear on my schedule, I don’t forget to lunch and dinner; p I love PR and I love my job but I don’t forget to live my life to the fullest, I work to live not the contrary!
When my schedule allows, I take time to relax, see my friends and family!

Now let me share some tips with you:
1. Be aware of your environment
2. Use efficiently your agenda and plan all you can plan
3. Take advance on your work if possible
4. Always think about extending your network: it is important
5. Media are your best friends; treat them well
6. When you organize a PR event it’s important to monitor everything: how many people participated, how many press release sent, how many media contacted, and so on…

Well, I hope you enjoyed this blog post!
See you guys =)


  1. great post! PR is a field of work that i'm interested in!

  2. I am glad that you like the post. Thank you for your support.