Wednesday, 6 June 2012

5 tips for workaholics!

You’re addicted to work? You eat while working? Your mind is always full of the things you’ve to do? You even dream about work?
You present all the signs of a true workaholic!
Workaholics often do not find the time to take care of themselves that’s why let me share with you guys some tips to take care of yourself.
Don’t worry, these tips won’t take you lot of time but they’ll definitely make you feel good and relaxed.

1.             Separate work from your personal life


Leave work at work! Keep in mind that there is time to work and time to take care of yourself. Find the time to share moments with your friends and your family, because your work may be very important but your family and friends are too.
If necessary organize your day hour by hour, but don’t forget that you’re well-being is as important as your work.

2.             Have a hobby


Having a hobby will allow you to think about something not related to your work. You’ll be able to let the stress out and decompress for a bit.
You guys can also do relaxation exercises to expel all the thoughts; you’ll see how better you feel after you’ve done them.

3.         Do not always talk about work

Avoid always talking about work.
The more you talk about it the more your mind will be in it.
Why not talking about the last book you read, the last movie you’ve seen, your hobby, your next trip…?
You have nothing to talk about except your work? Well, it is a perfect opportunity for you to go out a little, to enjoy something else than your work!

4.         Turn off your Iphone or Blackberry


Well, we all know that thanks to/ because of these smartphones you guys can be connected anytime.
These smartphones are real treasures for Facebook and Twitter addicts but unfortunately real torture instruments you workaholics!
For those addicted to work Iphone & BB don’t mean “Facebook, Twitter, Myspace… “ but “Mails, Work and Work”.
So, if you don’t want to be tempted to check your mails and reply to your clients/co-workers/ boss; turn off your phone.

5.         Don’t live to work


Guys do not forget that you Work to live, not the contrary.
Of course, you’ve to work hard to get what you want, to get the best that can offer this world BUT this is not a reason to forget to live your life.
Take the time to breathe, to eat, and sleep correctly…Enjoy living your life!
If your schedule is less busy, go on a trip with your friends or family to relax a bit; or go out with them.
Do not be so conditioned by your work; life is not only full of: deadlines, meetings, report...

Good luck!

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