Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Ten Things You Should Do In Your Life

Well, today let’s talk about dreams, life…  You know, life is short so you should do all your possible to live it to the fullest, to do crazy things, to live without regrets.
Now, let me share with you ten things you should do in your life.

Happy Family
1. Help your country and your people
Give a sense to your life and take actions to help people and others.
Take example on Michael Jackson (RIP) and spend some time helping people who need it! You it’s not expensive, you don’t have to spend money just sharing your time is enough.

2. Try all the food of the world
Don’t dead stupid! Taste all you can taste!
The world has so many things that are waiting to be eaten so don’t miss this opportunity!

Be the next Steve Jobs!
3. Create something people will never forget
Don’t waste your time doing futile things, but dedicate it to create something big, a thing that people will remember even after your death!
Take example on Steve Jobs and see how a human can create things that change million people’s habits!

4.  Jump from the highest point possible
I’m sure you think: why should I do this? ; This is crazy, blablabla… But you know what, it’s crazy that’s why you should do it!
Plus, it’s when you’re very near death that you can feel alive!
5. Start your own business
Yeah start your own business, create something with your own hands, and accept more responsibility! Show the world that you’ve something to offer!

6.Travel as far as you can
Don’t wait for an opportunity to discover the world but grab it!
Discovering other cultures will allow you to understand the human better! Traveling is a way to broaden your mind!

The Blue Lagoon, Ecuador
7. Fight for what you think is right
Life short, so if you have something to say or to do; do it immediately.
Don’t hesitate to stand up for what you think is right; don’t hesitate to raise your voice.

8. Live a flashmob in Times Square, New-York
Participate to a flashmob in Times Square is THE thing you should do once in your life!
You’ll feel like you belong to a big community!
And you know what is so good about the flashmob? You don’t have to pay to participate because people just do it to have fun and spend a great time!

9. Spend an entire day in the jungle with the minimum to survive
Lol yeah I agree that this one is very stupid, we can even say that it’s a suicide mission but why not? You’ll be able to experience the world at its origins without the men’s inventions, interesting isn’t it?

10Live without Iphone, Facebook, BBM
Don’t you life was better without all this new inventions? We were all less addicts to internet and to new technology! W we’re more creative and dynamic.
Now it just seems that our brain is becoming more and more rotten by all these things.
Well, I’m saying that but I’ve to admit that I’m addict these too HAHA!

Hope you enjoy this post! 

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