Thursday, 2 August 2012

Tiffany Godoy, Sense of Originality.

Guys let me introduce you to one of the trendiest girls of the moment: Tiffany Godoy.

Well-known for collaborating with influential magazines such as Vogue, Nippon, The New York Times, ELLE, Spur…she never disappoints with her brilliant ideas.
Overlook on the Tiffany Godoy phenomenon!

Originally from California, this fashion creative director and editor moved to Japan in 1997 motivated by her interest for Japanese fashion since she went there “to understand why the Japanese are so different from people in France or New York in terms of their aesthetic”.

What makes her so particular? Her creativity, her perception, her style! She showed through her projects that Fashion has no borders.

She brings a new vision of fashion in which individual people are more important than brands, showing that Fashion is not just a brand name but also an attitude, a personality.
As an author Tiffany published: Style Deficit Disorder, Japanese Goth and launched her magazine the reality Show in June 2010. 

These books and magazine transport you in her singular universe and show you another vision of what is beauty.

My story on Tiffany Godoy will be published on Xuan for Her, Nanyang Siang Pau on 10th August 2012. Please stay tuned

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