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A Healthy Face Refines True Beauty

MeiYoke Liang, Dr. Tommy Ong, Nobutsuna Sasaki, Wu Atong
LUMINE® Japan, noted for its pioneering extraction of Salmon caviar during the Meiji Era more than 100 years ago when Ryoshi fishermen unknowingly used the precious drops in the eggs (ikura) to heal wounds and ease the pain of burns. It seems the skin injuries recovered miraculously without any inflammation or even signs of scarring. This eventually led Japanese scientist over the last 6 years to develop soothing serums that will form the basis for LUMINE® Japan’s breakthrough formula for healthy and not to mention drop-dead gorgeous skin that is noted for its purity and cleansing properties.

Two lovely models 
LUMINE® Japan has recently launched its 3D Skin Perfection Series. Emceeing the event was none other than the luminous Hannah Tan who lent a token of glamour and credence to toast a new chapter in the brand’s marquee line-up of 3D Skin Perfection Facial Dimensional Sculpting Technology. Xavier Mah Consultancy was the appointed PR agency to manage this PR campaign.

tete-a-tete  Session 
My two dedicated assistants
X, Hannah & Lumine Team
LUMINE® 3D Skin Perfection Series derives all its goodness from a few natural key ingredients that has been proven scientifically to help aging skin achieve perfection and youth once more.

Scientists in LUMINE® Japan have researched meticulously to formulate this miracle potion that penetrates deep into the skin and is hypoallergenic to cater to our delicate skin for the best anti-aging effects. Harvesting the natural properties of Caviar from the deep sea, LUMINE® 3D Skin Perfection Series will take you from old and dull to youthful and radiant once again.

Lumine 3D Skin Perfection
Caviar, the main ingredient that heals the skin from deep within with its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and skin regeneration properties penetrates deep into the skin cells to renew skin cells. LUMINE® 3D Skin Perfection range also contains Royal Jelly that has wound healing properties. This helps to heal old scars, lesions and imperfections from the daily wear and tear of our skin. Another one of the key ingredients is the pure extract of Cordyceps Sinensis which helps to fight against the main culprit of aging skin; free radicals.

Recover and restore your skin for long lasting beauty with these steps:
           1) Hydrating Facial Foam
-          Gently cleanses and removes dead skin cells and impurities
2) Skin Balancing Lotion
-          Rebalances skin to its natural and fresh condition
3) Beauty White Essence
-          Enhances skin to a lifted and firmer rejuvenated glow
4) Advance Skin Repair Essence
-          Nano-capsulated placenta repairs cells and reverses cell oxidation for a younger looking skin
5) Rich Emollient Moisturizing Cream
-          Moisturizes skin naturally with ultra-hydrating nutrients
6)  Whitening Night Collagen
-          Increases the firmness of the skin

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