Saturday, 3 August 2013

1960's Glamour returns to Tumi's Fall 2013 Collection

Influenced by the 1960s era, the Tumi Fall 2013 Collection traces back to its origin where the art of travel was at its peak of glamour and excitement. It was during this time that the journey of getting there was just as special as the destination. Fast forward to modern time where this practice stretches beyond the jet-setters and frequent fliers: from the boardroom to the weight room and the grocery store or a dinner party today’s individual engages in travel routinely through various modes of transit. For fall, Tumi’s design philosophy focuses on catering to the demands of today’s road warrior, without sacrificing the elegant, old-world charm that travel was once defined by.


 The men’s fall 2013 collection pairs utilitarian appeal with classic styling and construction. Meanwhile, the women’s Fall 2013 collection celebrates a cosmopolitan lifestyle by having a polished, textured leathers and sophisticated, subtle detailing adorn totes and day bags.

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