“Xavier is a highly committed and dedicated individual who will go the extra mile in pursuit of excellence. He is a caring, loyal, trustworthy and genuine friend who is also well grounded and sincere with everything he does. Being all that he is, Xavier to me is definitely one in a million.”---Hannah Tan, Singer, Actress & TV Host 

“Xavier has always been sunshine to a lot of people. He is professional in his job and yet makes everyone around him feel at home…anywhere/anytime.”---Raja Atilia, Singer

"I've known Xavier for 3 years and he's always been incredibly nice to everyone he meets. When I needed help with a mandarin script, stayed back at work just to help and patiently went through my lines with me. Where many people are happy to stay in their comfort zones, Xavier pushes his boundaries and strives to achieve more with his career and life. I admire that and am thankful to have a friend like him!"  --- Xandria Ooi, TV Host

“I have known Xavier for quite some time now and have formed quite a friendship with him. Be it professional and personal. He is someone truly works hard to get what he wants and is not afraid to show it. What is great about Xavier is that he develops a personal friendship with you while still being professional. I have no doubt that he will go very far in this PR field.” ---Sazzy Falak, TV Host & Actress

“I have known Xavier for a few years now, and he is a great source of inspiration for me. I admire his drive and work ethic. He is not just someone I work with, he is also a dear friend, and it is this friendship that has made working with him such a pleasure. For someone with his kind of commitment and dedication, he deserves all the success he gets!” --- Nikki, Singer

“I got to know Xavier a couple of years ago when he was still working with Alt Media under the Media Prima Group of Companies. He helped direct a couple of episodes of Gua's Randommania for gua.com.my and I hosted a couple of it. I think he's a man of many talents, he can do makeup, he can do styling, and he's a good director too! In my opinion, he's definitely a people's person and his PR skills are impeccable! He can make friends with anyone, anywhere and he's not quick to judge people on their looks and personality. I know I can always count on him for a good laugh or even a heart to heart talk over coffee any time of the day and he makes for a very genuine friend.”---Belinda Chee, TV Host & Actress

“Xavier is a very talented guy. He is not only hardworking but also really passionate about his work. He also possesses great socializing skills. Although he just started his career not long ago, he had already built a strong network. I wholeheartedly believe that, in the future, he will achieve more success and excel in life. Best of luck Xavier, I know you can do it!”---Soo Wincci, Miss Malaysia World 2007/08, Singer & Actress

“Xavier has always been very friendly and sweet - it's not easy handling PR but I know he works hard at it! Wish you best of luck!” ---Stephanie Chai- TV Host & Actress

“Xavier is one of the most hard working and determined individuals I have met in a long time. He is very passionate with his work and his surroundings. His ideas are brilliant and he has wonderful potentials. When he is working, he truly listens and understands his clients’ needs and accommodates to them. Xavier is a people's person, always the bridge between the client and the company. Working with him has been one of the easy, hassle-free and pleasurable experiences. I know he will excel in whatever he chooses to endeavour in.” – Gloria Ting, Miss Malaysia World 2004

“Xavier puts a friendly and personal touch in PR. He's open and friendly."---Joanne Bessey, Actress & Director

“As the show begins with a loud bang and as you see so many great personals walk down the red carpet, that night on the 30th anniversary of A Cut Above, his own destiny as a young event organizer was sealed. 

Xavier is a critically acclaimed multi-talented person in the field of marketing and communications, His work are well known among the people in the entertainment industry be it the media, models and celebrities. With his big heart and love that crosses cross-cultural barriers, in particular putting a great event incorporating with so many races together. His recent works have gained much recognition.

I remembered many yrs ago , he rang me while he was still studying in the university, with much courage he invited me to participate in one of his project but I decline due to personal reason, since then he never stop keeping me in the loop in any of his future undertakings.

Because of his never give up attitude and the passion he carried, that makes him special and won many friends along the years. Xavier will always be someone that I admired, the passion in him and the wisdom he has are definitely what the industry is looking for. Best wishes and continue the good work.” ---Alan Yun, Actor, Model & Entrepreneur 

“I first met Xavier a couple of years back when he was still with Gua. By then I could already see his passion and conviction in all he did.

With a full time schedule at Gua, Xavier still found time to study and nurture his talent in makeup artistry. In his own time, he had already worked on several high profile celebrities, be it for fashion spreads or media broadcast.

On his move to A Cut Above, you can see his passion never left him. Bringing his hard work and the contacts along with him, most if not all of A Cut Above's events have always been a success due to his organizational and public relations skills.

Work aside, I have learnt that Xavier is also very strong when it comes to family. He visits his hometown regularly to spend time with his siblings and mother. 

All in all, he's a very great guy to be around with as he is easy to get along with and has a very calm and peaceful spirit.” ---Justin Chan, Actor, Music Producer & Model

“I first met Xavier a couple of years back when Gua.com was launched. He immediately made a lasting impression in my mind as a warm and sincere person. Working with Xavier is always a breeze. He is very professional and his enthusiasm for his work can be reflected on the way he interacts with other people. 
You'll never be seeing Xavier without his trademark smile. He's always a pleasure to run into at events and a joy to work with. I wish him all the best in everything that he undertakes and may his future be as bright and shiny as his personality!”---Chelsia Ng, Singer & Actress

“If you need things to be delivered promptly and efficiently, you can always depend on Xavier to be on top of the game. He is special because he does not give up. He will kick the door down if he has to-- "---- Daphne Iking, TV Host & Actress

“Xavier is one of the most exuberant people I’ve ever met. He has a real energy about him which is infectious and it’s very obvious in the events that he organizes for A Cut Above. Every A Cut Above event that I’ve ever attended which Xavier has organized is full of glitz and glamour. I can’t help but be excited whenever I receive an invitation from Xavier because I know how fabulous the party is bound to be. Xavier just has a way of making you feel very special.” ---Aanont Wathanasin, Lite FM Announcer & TV Host

"Xavier is sweet, outgoing and an extremely efficient PR & Marketing Manager. Everytime I've worked with him has been a breeze! If only everyone were so easy to work with!"--- Sheahnee Iman Lee, News Presenter & Senior Producer of Primeworks Studio, News Anchor, “7Editon”, ntv7

“The first time I met Xavier was when I hosted for Gua TV, in which, he was among the producers. He was fresh out of USM and passionate to learn the ropes of this business. Fast forward to the future and in 3 years, I have seen Xavier grow into a skilful individual who doesn't beat around the bush and gets the job done. His persistence, intuition and honesty has brought him to where he is today, carving a niche for himself as a capable event planner and a hardworking public relations practitioner. All events organized by him have enjoyed tremendous success with good entertainment, ambience and crowd, topping off with a 100% turnout, and this isn't even the end yet! Congratulations my friend, you have my full support and thanks for the great friendship!” --- Dawn Jeremiah, Miss Malaysia World 1st runner-up 2006/7, actress & columnist